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  • New Words.


    A few months ago I finally broke down and told my mother I didn’t believe in God.  Her, almost predictable answer was, “Yes you do Gina.”  But I don’t, I’m not sure I even believe in the power of prayer.  Here’s why. Yesterday my baby sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Last week my mother […]

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  • Pots, Lids and Life

    crusty bread 152

    I woke up this morning all alone in the hotel, and I realized I was living a life most people would envy.  I was at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut because my husband went back to work touring. Because I have grown kids, I can pick up at a moments notice and follow him to any […]

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  • Just Me.


    If you read my blog or if you know me, you know I have major body image issues.  I’ve never been confident with my body and never believed people when they would tell me I was pretty. I have never been comfortable with just me. Almost every day my husband would tell me that I […]

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  • Vacation…


    Tomorrow I will climb in a rental car with my daughter and her boyfriend, my son and his wife and we will drive to the ocean.  This will be the first vacation I’ve taken with the kids since they were little.  This will be the first vacation I have ever taken to the ocean since […]

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  • Getting Older


    This morning I woke up feeling 100 years old, every bone was creaking and hurt, for no real reason.  I have noticed that when you are almost 50, it’s harder just to jump right out of bed without something hurting.  As waddled my way to the French press to make some coffee to jump start […]

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  • Love Trumps Hate


    I don’t really have a post today with the tragedy that is Orlando; I just don’t think I have anything meaningful to say.  It’s all just too sad, this world full of anger and hate.  Many of my friends are gay, and I couldn’t imagine my life without being able to see the amazing things […]

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  • Abandoned Shoes

    FullSizeRender 4

    I had been driving by this abandoned garage all day delivering groceries when finally, on my last time around, I looked over at the parking lot and saw a pair of shoes.  Those abandoned shoes were just sitting there in the middle of the parking lot, all alone. I was so drawn to those silly […]

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  • My Life Is Good

    Life is good

    I was in Vancouver and had just figured out my hotel didn’t have a restaurant that served breakfast.  But more importantly, it didn’t serve coffee, which was a problem for me…A HUGE problem.  So I pulled up the map and started looking for the closest place I could walk to so I could stop the […]

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  • I Write Because


    I write because sometimes I have things to say, and I can’t get someone to sit and listen to me spew 700 words at their face. They know I will barely stop to breathe, let alone let them get a word in edgewise.  Usually, if I get interrupted I lose my train of thought, and […]

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  • Who Am I?


      All these quizzes on Facebook make me a little nutty.  I have been as guilty as the next when it comes to taking quizzes like “what spice are you” or “what Disney character are you” and “what do your fingers say about you”.  I wonder if Donald Trump took that last one.  But this […]