Dominick A. Lockwood

I worked as a Paralegal in a tiny law office in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. It was a job that saved me in a lot of small ways. There were two Partners in that law firm, Dominick A. Lockwood and Janet Jackson and we were all like a family.  One horrible morning, 15 years ago today, Dominick […]

Holding Your Breath

As I stepped onto the pier, the air seemed cleaner, my head felt clearer somehow, and I sat on what felt like the edge of the world, I just took a deep breath. Things in my little corner of the world were moving along smoothly. We are here in Chicago for a couple of weeks […]

We’re Going to be OK.

  It was 10:45 am on Inauguration Eve, I was sitting on my couch all alone in Nashville, the confirmation hearings were playing in the background, and I looked up to see an airplane flying in the sky on the upper right-hand corner of my tv.  He was headed to Washington, in a plane that […]