We are exactly two weeks in 2021, and what a crazy two weeks it has been so far.  I’m hoping 2021 didn’t realize it was supposed to be better and is currently doing some self-reflecting, burned some sage at the new moon last night, and correcting herself.

To keep things real, I’m checking in to let you know where I stand on my goal of riding 2,021 miles on my bike this year. When I decided to set that goal, I was excited; I just knew I would complete it! I had my husband set up a whole excel sheet so I could keep track of how many miles I needed a week, how many miles I did for that week, and then how many miles I needed for the rest of the year.  Last week, my first week, I ended up almost 7 miles, and I was very impressed with myself. This afternoon, after my 8-mile ride, I opened my laptop to see how the week ended.  It ended with me riding 41.29 miles! I’m ahead by 9.26 miles, and so far this year, I have ridden 87 miles! In two weeks! 

This whole process (I’m aware it’s only been two weeks, but bear with me) has confirmed that I can do hard things.  If you know me, I mean REALLY know me, you know I can sit on the couch for hours and barely move.  I often have a hard time closing my standing ring on my Apple Watch. Arguably the EASIEST ring to close on the Apple Watch.  When I look at that silly excel sheet, I am over the moon with myself.  Eighty-seven miles is a lot of dang miles! Yes, they were all in my apartment on my NordicTrack bike, but there are days when I open my bedroom window and pretend I’m outside, and I pedal to the crazy instructor and hope that 2021 is not going to be a repeat of 2020. 

I’m counting the days until I can get the vaccine and the first thing I’m going to do after the second dose is scream a large “Fuck you” to 2020 and drive straight to my kid’s houses and squeeze them through the tears! Squeezing my chickens is the cruelest part of 2020, and while I’m putting in the miles between me and 2020, I’m also counting down the days for that damn vaccine.  

Wear your mask, get the vaccine, and pedal to a better 2021!!

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    Judy Freedman on January 15, 2021 Reply

    Love your attitude. Just came to your blog after you left a comment on my blog. I too ride my indoor recumbent bicycle most mornings, 2021 miles is a hefty goal. Good luck! Sounds like you’re well on your way. Be well.

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