Things I Love vs. Things I Hate.

Things I Love vs. Things I Hate.


Things I Hate

  1. people making fun of  the underdog
  2. rain
  3. people telling me what to do
  4. cleaning the house
  5. running
Things I Love
  1. the underdog
  2. rain
  3. people telling me what to do
  4. cleaning the house
  5. running
 I had the idea for this post when someone posted something I found offensive on Facebook.  Their response was, essentially, they were just an equal opportunity offender.  They justified the offensive post by saying it was ok because they offend everyone equally, blacks, latinos, whites, gays, transgender.  It was all ok in this person’s mind because they spread the “love” around.  That person has since taken the post down, or at least hid it where I can’t see it, and it got me wondering about things I love and hate.  I was surprised when I started writing down the list.  They turned out to be the same list, and that was surprising, except the first one.  I hate it when people make fun of the underdog, the person who is different, the person other people don’t understand.  It makes my heart hurt.  I don’t get it even a little bit, and it makes me love the underdog with gusto.  I joked with a friend that I was jumping on his cause because I didn’t have one of my own.  But maybe that IS my cause, the underdog.
The rain.  I hate the rain.  I hate having to go out in the rain.  I hate how it makes everything, well…wet.  I had always hated the rain, mostly when I had 80’s hair, and it turned to frizz the minute the first rain drop fell, but even with short hair, I still hate the rain.  But I also love the rain.  I love how the apartment is so cozy when it rains.  I love how you can justify staying in your pj’s all day, on the couch with a great book when it’s raining outside.  I love how I am lucky enough to be inside, warm and dry when it rains.
People telling me what to do.  I hate that almost the most!  When my mom would tell me to do something, I would inevitably do the complete opposite, usually with failing results.  When my ex-husband would tell me to hang my wet towel on a hanger, so the bathroom door wouldn’t get moldy, I would throw the wet towel on the bathroom floor.  When I was told to become a secretary when I wanted to be a chef, albeit years later, I became a chef.  But I also love when people tell me what to do.  It makes life easier when you are older and less stubborn.  It opens new opportunities.  You meet new friends.
Cleaning the house.  Oh my word, I hate this almost the most.  I hate it as much in my tiny apartment as I did when we owned a large house.  I hate dragging out the vacuum.  I hate cleaning out that clear tube of my Dyson.  I hate wood floors and all the dust that accumulates.  I hate dusting everything, pictures, dressers, end tables.  But I love sitting on my couch in a clean and shiny apartment.  I love the feeling of accomplishment a clean house or apartment makes you feel.  I love how all your stuff looks when it’s clean.
Running.  There are so many things I hate about running.  I hate getting off my couch and putting on my sneakers.  I hate being out of breath because I run faster than my lungs can handle so that I can be done faster.  I hate how I sweat.  I hate how I sweat an hour after I’m done running.  I hate that my knees creak when I’m done running.  But I love that my body sweats.  I love that my lungs work.  I love that I can get off my couch and move.  I love running because it’s a release of anger in a socially acceptable way.  I love running because I’m alive and not dead.  I love most how I mentally feel after each run.
After this silly little exercise, I realize most of what I hate, I love.   I will always stick up for the underdog.  I will always take on a cause that is not mine.  I will always do what I want, but now I will listen to the advice of others.  I will always clean my house, well mostly because I don’t want to end up on an episode of Hoarders.  I will always run, because, punching people in the throat is frowned upon and because the alternative is not being alive.

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4 thoughts on “Things I Love vs. Things I Hate.”

  • 1
    Russ on April 30, 2015 Reply

    Since 7th grade, after reading a book whose title I forget, I have periodically made lists of ten things I love and ten things I hate. But I’ve never kept a single list. I’ve just always shared them with someone in a note or letter so they could get to know me better. And it’s always done life this. PS. Almost all my lists should not have something I’ve listed on the past.
    I love:
    1. Facebook
    2. My new puppy
    3. Tired legs from exercising
    4. Remembering a joke to retell
    5. Cutting my fingernails
    6. The first non hockey weekend
    7. My sons sharing a secret
    8. Peeing outside
    9. Feeling connected to someone
    10. Learning the politics of education
    I hate
    1. Facebook
    2. Teacher strikes
    3. Being one of five school board members
    4. Having to get up now so this list is incomplete

    • 2
      heartwritten on September 10, 2015 Reply

      I’m sure you would have loved a chance to look back at what the 8th grade Russ vs. the freshman in college Russ loved and hated.

  • 3
    dvid on April 21, 2015 Reply

    i could relate to your blog. maybe that is where we get the phrase love and hate relationship. just gust think but then again im not known for my thinking skills lol.

    • 4
      heartwritten on September 10, 2015 Reply

      You are very much known for your thinking skills 😀

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