Who You Are As A Woman Matters…

05. February 2015 Gina DeNicola 0
Who You Are As  A Woman Matters…

IMG_0055Who you are as a woman matters, especially to your daughters. I’m not sure how I raised a strong, smart, passionate, feminist for a daughter, but I did. She’s more intelligent than I am on any given day, and I often find myself having conversations with her that are over my head. One of those days was this morning. Not realizing that California was two hours behind Tennessee, she texted me at 6:30 am (PST). ¬†She wanted to inform me she was going to evict her boyfriend because of his lack of understanding of the wage gap and women oppression.

When I was her age, feminism was never on my radar, shamefully. When she was little, I don’t remember taking her to any bra burnings or reading Gloria Steinem for bedtime stories. I do, however, remember telling her that she could do anything she wanted to when she grew up, just make sure you’re happy. Her goal for a long time was to work at McDonalds because she LOVED the fish filet sandwich. I would gently tell her that’s great, but why not OWN a McDonalds instead of just working there. Maybe that’s when it all started, who really can say.

What I do know is this, I’m proud that my daughter is a strong, smart, and passionate woman. She has substance. While she is beautiful, she is not just a pretty face.

What I also know is that as a mother, who you are matters to your daughter’s future. As I sat in the hotel restaurant this morning after my text conversation, I looked around me and saw a table of girls around Ali’s age. One girl, in particular, stood out in her pink Prada bag and her Fendi Fedora, and I assumed a few things. 1. It probably took her 3 hours to be ready for breakfast; 2. She most likely had no substance and finally, 3. What did her mother do for a living? I am quite aware that number 2 is an unfair assessment, but that’s how we perceive other people, right or wrong, we are all guilty.

When people look at my daughter, I want them to see a strong, full of substance, beautiful woman. I think she is well on her way, and I am proud.

So women, who you are as a woman matters to your daughters, your nieces, and our future. Be strong, beautiful, full of substance. Be good examples of how we want our girls to grow up and run the world.

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