Day 1

16. December 2014 Gina DeNicola 0
Day 1

Today is the first actual paid day of work for me. A lot of you are a little confused as to what it is I’m doing, and honestly so am I, but let’s see if I can clear things up a bit. Rob is the Tour Manager for The Marvel Experience and I will be what they call a Roamer, or if you want to get technical a Shield Agent. A Roamer simply roams around the exhibit and relieves other “Shield Agents” so they can pee. The Marvel Experience is essentially a touring amusement park ride. We travel to large markets and sit there for a month and Phoenix is the soft opening. If you are a Marvel Fan, it is essentially Mecca. If you’re like me, the only thing you know about Marvel is that you want to marry Robert Downey, Jr. Aka Iron Man, your a little lost. In our training the other day, I heard of superheroes that I didn’t even know existed. I predict a new version of “Tonight’s Winner” only this time it won’t be drunk people, it will be superhero fanatics and I suspect a LOT more entertaining!

In complete contrast to my job, this past weekend I went with Ali to her final interview in applying for her Masters in Urban Education. The program is in Memphis and we got to spend the weekend there and even ate some Memphis BBQ. I have never been so proud of my little girl than I was this weekend. I always say, and I can see her roll her eyes as she reads this, but, she’s gonna save the world one High School student and one literature book at a time.

It’s a new time and it’s good.

*I figured I should give this picture credit for sure – I got it from

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