You Are Beautiful – A Letter to my Mother.

You Are Beautiful – A Letter to my Mother.

You are beautiful inside and most certainly outside. Please stop talking about things you want to change about yourself. Every wrinkle on your face is from a precious memory. When you look at yourself in the mirror, and you see your mother, that’s an honor. Your mom was the sweetest, kindest, loving woman I knew. When I look at you, I see that same reflection, and I am proud that I come from a line of strong, happy, fun women. Be proud of those wrinkles. They are from the smile you couldn’t break while holding your first grandchild. The crease in your forehead is from the sadness you bore from losing your mother, your father. You have beautiful, smart, accomplished children and grandchildren. All of whom are a reflection of you and your face. You have more energy than your kids and can chase your grandchildren around the dance floor. You have all your sisters by your side and travel the world with them, creating memories that will show on your faces.

Your faces are beautiful, and you are missing the precious moments of life by wanting to change them. Be happy with yourself and live in the moments because they will soon be gone. Your children are starting to create the same wrinkles, and they are proud of them because they are a reflection of their lives.

When I’m sitting at my sister’s table on my 80th birthday with my daughter, son, and grandchildren, I will be proud of every wrinkle on my face and grey hair on my head. I will be pleased that when I look in the mirror, I look just like my mom and my aunts. I will live in the moment because moments pass in a flash, and I don’t want to waste them worrying about how to change the way I look, and I wish you didn’t either.

Be happy with who you are, because who you are, is why people love you. We love you because you look like our grandmother. We love you because you are good. We love you because you are kind. We love you because you took care of us when we were sick. We love you because you helped us through the hard times in our lives, and some of those wrinkles are because of that. We love you because you chase our children around the playground. We love you because you are present.

Don’t change you. Be happy with you. We love you.

4 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful – A Letter to my Mother.”

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    Teresa Blackburn on January 12, 2015 Reply

    Gina, I miss you. I adore the photo of the two wise women who are laughing hysterically. Beautiful is as beautiful does! Some mornings I look in the mirror and give an “ugh” as I look at myself. New wrinkles and puffiness but I quickly get over myself and slap on a bit of moisturizer and some lipstick and carry on. I may be the last woman in Nashville my age and demographic who has not had any “work” done, but whenever I think of it I also think all the thoughts you have mentioned in this post. Not to mention for the price I could go on a trip that will be lots more fun with lots more laughs! Thanks for this wonderful post and hey to Rob.

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      heartwritten on September 10, 2015 Reply

      You are the most beautiful person I know and are an inspiration to me, since the first day I met you. Perhaps one day you and I can sit and catch up, I know we would be as lovely as those two old women and we would be laughing just as hard, wrinkles and all. Miss you and hugs to Wouter.

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    Connie Schmidt Anderson on January 10, 2015 Reply

    So true….and well said. Happy Birthday to your mom and aunt!

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      heartwritten on September 10, 2015 Reply

      Thanks for reading 😀

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