I Need a Haircut

I Need a Haircut



As I sit alone in the Press and Guest Locker room of the Philadelphia Eagles stadium, I am bored and tired.  The excitement of going back to work has long since faded, and I find myself, once again, homesick.  I need a haircut, and that is always the very first thing that triggers my homesickness.  It’s because my some of my closest friends work at the salon.  They are friends who have attached themselves to my heart and who tug on those strings so hard when I leave town.  I swear Dena talks to my hair as I’m sitting in her chair and tells it to grow faster when I’m out of town, so I don’t forget where my heart belongs.

The show has had a bumpy ride, and it has decided to close.  Which means we will be on our way home and for the second time in a year I am faced with the “Now What?” question.  Though my venture into show business was short-lived, I learned so much about how a show works and even more about myself.

The things I learned about myself were things that I already knew but were confirmed by meeting new people.  One of the key things I learned was that kindness rules my life.  I have a hard time with people whose lives are absent of kindness.  Tolerance is another large part of who I am, as is acceptance.  Through the last month, there have been changes in our country that I feel have moved America in the right direction towards those three words: Kindness, Acceptance, and Tolerance.  They make me proud to be an American and hopeful for the future of America.  However, just because I say those three words make up a large part of who I am, doesn’t mean that I find it easy to practice them every day.

It is hard to accept someone whose thoughts and opinions on subjects that I feel strongly about are entirely different than mine.  It’s a struggle to be tolerant when someone says something out loud that is hurtful and mean, and they don’t see it that way.  It’s tough to let people have their opinions that are the complete opposite of mine and for me to practice still kindness, tolerance, and acceptance.

All of you who read my blog should be very aware that I am quickly approaching 50.  As I approach 50, I become more content with myself.  Being content with myself enables me to be relaxed and happy, and I wonder if you are not content with where you are in your place in the world if it is hard to be happy and open-minded.  What I do know is if you decide you don’t like a particular group of humans; you miss out on meeting and being friends with a lot of really great people, and your world becomes smaller.

So please, for the sake of humankind, practice kindness, tolerance, and acceptance in your life.  If it’s hard, try a little every day and ease into it, because a little is better than none.  You might find yourself being happier, and if you’re happier, everyone around you will be happier.   Happy is Good.

Now onto a haircut.

Photo Cred:  ireckonthat.wordpress.com

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