IMG_4857This morning I woke up homesick. But I was confused because I couldn’t imagine being homesick for Nashville. I must miss my sweet, sweet children. But then I thought I miss my friends, I actually made friends in Nashville, and I missed them, I miss the familiarity of my little city. I miss watching the new apartment being built right outside of my apartment. I miss my favorite bakery Sweet 16th and Dan, Ellen and Drue. I miss Élan and Dena and Adam. I miss knowing Raymond and Alison are only a few miles away from me. I might even miss the hipsters….well let’s not get carried away.

If you know me well, you might not know that I, at times, struggle with agoraphobia. Always have. For as long as I can remember, I have had to force myself to go anywhere alone, and it’s always easier for me to stay home. Yesterday, I stayed “home” all day, didn’t leave the hotel room with the exception to run and to the lobby when the power went out. That made my homesickness even worse.

Because I haven’t started my job yet (training starts tomorrow) I have nothing to distract me, occupy my thoughts. So today, I will conquer my fear.  I will get out there and enjoy the 75 degrees and sunny skies because so many of my friends are sitting in rain with the possibility of snow or just plain cold.

Today’s goal: to take a picture with a cactus

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4 Replies to “Homesick”

  1. Gina I think of you everyday…just randomly…and that makes me happy…just knowing you are out there in the world. I miss you guys.

    1. I know I’m late in responding to all these comments, but I still think of you, Wouter and Ella often, I hope Ella has lost a few pounds from the lack of flour. sugar. eggs. puppy pastries

  2. We miss you and Rob. Jacques still goes by the building periodically to see if you have returned.

    1. I know I’m super late in responding to all these comments, I think of you all often and hope that Jacques has adjusted to the new route and lack of flour. sugar. eggs. puppy pastries.

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