Time Passing…

Time Passing…


As I sit in the lobby of the Omni connected to the CNN building in Atlanta, I’m reminiscing of the time in late October when I was sitting in the same chair and same lobby, but with a very different life.

Last time I was here, Rob was interviewing for a job, I was an emotional, physical and spiritual wreck, and more importantly I was afraid of my future.

Turns out Rob got the job, I am happy, I’ve lost 25 inches and 10 pounds, still searching spiritually, but most importantly, my future turned out to be fine.

I worried for nothing, but I think worrying is pure human nature.  Last night, it seemed, all the sitcoms were about mothers worrying about their children growing up and no longer needed them.  Every single mother out there worries about their child the moment that umbilical cord is cut.  My 70-year-old mother said to me last week “Gina, you never, ever stop worrying about your kids”.  On top of worrying about my kids and their future, I worry about a pile of other things.  My husband and our future. My parents, my four siblings and their families. I also worry about my planet and the fact that the State of California is running out of water.  I worry about all the children in the world that go to bed hungry, but I really worry about the ones in Nashville.  I even worry some days about a zombie apocalypse and have plotted my survival.

But, I also feel lucky that I have the ability to push most of that worry to the back of my mind and enjoy, at the risk of sounding cheesy the little things.  The Spring, the beautiful flowers and trees that are blooming.  I can enjoy a ten-minute unplanned visit with a dear friend.  I can enjoy a cup of coffee and how amazing that first sip is, Always.  I can enjoy my children and their adult lives.  I can enjoy my husband and our planning of our future.  I can also appreciate the humor of my zombie apocalypse planning.

I am lucky that my enjoyment outweighs my worrying on a daily basis.  I will always stop and smell a flower, give a homeless person all the dollars in my wallet, smile at a dog being walked and loved by its owner.

Go out there and enjoy life, keep your worries balanced and checked.  Stop in your busy day and smell that flower that has just burst with color on your street.  Call that friend and make time just to hug their face and perhaps share an amazing cup of coffee.  Call your family and tell them you love them.

Go out there and be happy, life is what, you and only you, make it, so make it a happy one!!

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