Sitting Here With Nothing On My Mind

04. December 2014 Gina DeNicola 3
Sitting Here With Nothing On My Mind


As I sit in the airport waiting on my future to arrive in the form of a big plane, it dawns on me that I have nothing on my mind. No thoughts, no concerns, no comments about hipsters, nothing. My head is the emptiest it has ever been in a long time. I’m good with that, really good.

I’m afraid this blog post will not be inspirational; it will not be funny, and it will not be long. It will be empty, much like my head. Empty and ready to fill with new experiences. Here are a few things I’ve learned on my journey so far.

1. I still hate Louisiana.
2. The hipsters in Houston are VERY different from the hipsters in Nashville. VERY.
3. I don’t think Hipsters fly.
4. 1,090 miles in a Fiat is not good on one’s tailbone.
5. When provided with the things I think I want; I don’t want them anymore.
6. Solace is not what it use to be, and I missed my husband these four days, very much.
7. Flying is not as much fun as it use to be.
8. I despise being the new person.

That’s all I’ve got……


3 thoughts on “Sitting Here With Nothing On My Mind”

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    Teresa Blackburn on December 12, 2014 Reply

    Where are you going and what are you going there for…what is this job..this new life…miss you…say hey to Rob.Ella says hey.

    • 2
      heartwritten on September 10, 2015 Reply

      Always changing, never the same, hugs to Ella

  • 3
    Kevin Thompson on December 4, 2014 Reply

    Loving it Gina. Please keep it up.

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